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Where It All Began

Hi! Welcome to my corner of the internet. You are SO welcome here. While you're here, it's my hope that you feel like you're sitting down having coffee with me!

Just wanted to give a bit of a background on my story and what you can expect to see on this blog. About 5 years ago I put myself in the hospital for panic attacks that turned into suicidal ideation. I was there for a few days, but NO ONE knew.

It was in that hospital that I received my first mental health diagnosis of Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Major Depression. When I got out it really bothered me that I couldn't talk about my experience. That I was ashamed of myself and what happened. So, for a few years, I stayed silent. Went to therapy, psychologist appointments, etc.

But, being the communicator that I am, I couldn't stay silent so, I started talking openly about my mental health on Instagram, and speaking publicly at events. My story resonated with so many people I knew I couldn't stop talking about it. However, there was a catch. I was drinking heavily during all of this.

It wasn't until January of 2020 that I hit an all time personal low, (more on that later.) That I decided to move home to Cleveland, Ohio and get sober. I got sober during COVID, which has been a crazy journey all in itself. I am approaching my 1 year sober anniversary very soon. So, that brings us to now. At 1 month sober, I opened up yet again about my struggles with alcohol, and again it resonated so now, I use this blog, Instagram, podcasts and YouTube to educate, end the stigma and help others feel less alone.

When I'm not blogging or on Instagram, I can be found sipping on lots of coffee, running, shopping, or cuddling my two adorable cats, Sailor and Skipper.

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