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Love Letter To Myself

Dear Christina,

I know you feel sick today. You're bloated, and your stomach hurts. You also have feelings of shame and regret. You did it AGAIN. You ate to the point of making yourself sick. WHY?

The point of this letter isn't to figure out why you ate that way again. The real reason I'm here is to say, I see you and everything will be ok. No, really it will. I want you to do something for me.

Sit up straight, take your hand and place it gently on your stomach, and say these words, "I love and accept you just as you are." Breathe out. Do it three times. Breathe into the discomfort in your stomach and sit with it.

Sis, you are not bad or broken. You're in recovery and navigating some really tough shit right now. Honestly, I'm so proud of you. You're honest and vulnerable. You bear your soul in an effort to make sure others feel less alone.

So, keep going, don't stop. Talk a walk, do some light stretching, and yes, don't forget to eat tonight.

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