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I'm 32!

Y'all! I'm 32. I know that I am not old by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, I feel great.

The only thing I'd have to say is that I have gained weight it my 30's and it's definitely harder to lose. But, what's interesting about that is, I don't care like I used to. If I gained weight in my 20's I was super upset and obsessed with losing it. Not anymore.

This seems to be a theme for my 30's. At least this year. Not caring. And I don't mean that I've given up on my body or health. I just spend less time worrying about things like weight. I'm focused on the fact that I have my health in the first place.

I will say things are definitely different than I pictured. First off, I live in a house in the suburbs and my husband drives a van. I NEVER thought I'd live outside of the city, but here we are, and guys, I LOVE it. I have a beautiful backyard, and office.

My Baba has always told me that her 30's were the best years of her life, and I'm starting to see why. I'm coming into a sense of truly understanding who I am. It's ironic because who I thought I wanted to be and who I truly am are very different.

That's so strange to me. How can I not know who I truly am? I'm with me all the time. For example, I always saw myself running for office, working in a fast paced, stressful environment. I tried that for years and it ended me up in the hospital. So, here we are I'm working in the digital space, as an influencer and mental health blogger.

Can't say I'm too surprised though. I'm currently working in a field that involves lots of communicating.

I'm curious how long did it take for you to figure out who you truly were? And why? Do you feel like you're that person now?

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