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Reflecting On 1 Year Sober

Yesterday I hit one year sober after over 10 years of drinking. Everyone's story of drinking is different. I actually didn't start out as a heavy drinker. I started binge drinking around 25.

I'm honestly not sure how I lasted so long. It wasn't until I hit a personal low of going on a 3 day binge that I realized I needed help.

Moving back home to Cleveland to get sober was the best thing I could've ever done. I spent 9 months there recovering. I've been through a lot in my 32 years. I didn't realize it but, I needed to recover from many things, some including childhood trauma.

My time at home is so special to me. I lived with my Baba and she helped me heal in so many ways. I improved my eating, my sleeping, my daily habits. I started running again. The summer of 2020 was magical for me.

Don't get me wrong COVID definitely hit me hard as well. I lost a job I loved and wasn't able to go anywhere, which meant I couldn't attend AA meetings to help in my sobriety.

I got sober a month before COVID hit. I had been attending local AA meetings for about a month. Luckily, I did find a sponsor and a great group of women to help me get sober.

As trite as it sounds, I really did get sober 1 day at a time. If you're reading this and you're struggling, please know that recovery is always possible.

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Congrats to you!


Congratulations on 1 year sober! so pleased for you! I hope things continue to improve for you!

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