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Affirmations Changed My Life

Back when I was 25 years old I received my first diagnosis regarding my mental health. I admitted myself to the hospital for a panic attack and suicidal ideation. From there it was a blur of waiting rooms, psychiatrists, therapists, and medicine. I'm sure many of you know the journey to figuring out your mental health is not a linear one.

Not until recently did I admit to myself and my community that I struggled with abusing alcohol. I'm happy to say that I am 115 days sober, and it's been the best give I could've ever given myself. Everything in my life has changed and improved.

One of the things that kept me from healing my mental health and stop drinking was my mindset. I was constantly hard on myself, the thoughts I put into my mind were negative. It's pretty well known that there's a mind and body connection and that what you think has a strong impact on your life.

In therapy I was often told to use mantras or affirmations to alter my mood and thought process. At first I laughed at this! I thought there was no way this could work, and then I slowly started to apply affirmations to my life and saw a huge change. My mental illness didn't go away, but I slowly learned to love myself and improve my every day thinking habits.

Thats why I was so excited when I discovered and was able to collaborate with the founder Ashleigh Brown from Compliments N Coffee. Ashleigh is a budding entrepreneur who recently launched her business. Ashleigh sells coffee mugs with affirmations on the inside to help women to silence their negative self talk, one sip at a time.

The positive affirmations in her mugs act as a powerful daily reminder for us to slow down, take a moment to sip on a cup of coffee and pour more self-love into ourselves each day.

I recently received my mug and cannot tell you how much I enjoy it. The first thing I do every morning is make coffee, so I've loved starting my day with a positive affirmation. My coffee cup says, "My mind is at ease, my vibe is high, I'm feeling at peace and ready to fly" This is just one of many sayings on her cups.

If you'd like to check out Ashleighs business, head to her website:

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